Reader reviews: What YOU thought of Frankie

Here's what you opinionated drama fans had to say about last night's new medical drama Frankie

Last night saw Eve Myles, the actress we all know for playing leather-wearing, ass-kicking Gwen in Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, take on a very different role as smiley heathcare professional Frankie.


We asked you what you thought of it, and well, you couldn’t quite make up your mind…

Some called it “light-hearted” while others concluded it was gritty. A “promising start” said one of you, yet someone else said “it didn’t quite work.” Without further ado, here they are your reviews in full…

John Sheldon, 18, Derbyshire, says…

Eve Myles starred in the new BBC One drama “Frankie” on Tuesday night, swapping the alien busting of Torchwood for Nursing. The light-hearted series is a stark contrast and refreshing change to the usual gritty series we have been saturated with recently. Myles plays a caring nurse who loves her job but this dedication is putting a strain on her relationship with boyfriend Ian (Dean Lennox-Kelly). Although Lucy Gannon’s script is full of humor, it certainly doesn’t shy away from dealing with serious issues. One of Frankie’s elderly patients has dementia and is taken into care leaving his daughter devastated. This sensitive issue is tackled bravely and is relevant as the audience can easily relate to it. The strong casting should also be applauded.

The series has got off to a promising start by striking a fine balance between both humor and serious drama.

Thomas Arthur, 25, Swansea says…

Eve Myles’ district nurse becomes a real life superhero for today’s largely uncaring world as she puts the life and limbs of others above her own carnal pleasures of loud music, fast cars and red wine.

Myles plays Frankie Maddox, a relentlessly cheerful nurse who will happily put her own life on hold to care for an elderly male patient with dementia and a pregnant wife of a soldier. Both situations are treated with realism and avoid pretentious melodrama even during an intense road side emergency. This is a truly heart warming display of empathy that flies in the face of professional detachment as Maddox becomes more comfortable dealing with the trauma of her patients than she does with her private life.

Despite brief moments where the plot threatens to stall and an underused Dean Lennox Kelly as Frankie’s sidelined boyfriend, writer Lucy Gannon’s drama is a wonderful reminder that caring for others is its own reward.

Karen High, 46, Cwmbran, South Wales, says…

Wow as an opening episode it had humour, emotion, believable characters and stories that are current oh and Ken Bruce!!

Who amongst us hasn’t turned up the radio and given a belt outloud sing in the car….or a wild dance session in the living room! Every woman will want to be or have Frankie.

Eve Myles did Frankie proud…can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Jennifer Pomfret, 36, Southport, says…

Frankie’s a district nurse with an unswerving dedication to her job, regardless of the impact this has on her personal life.

She tends to her every patient’s need, including an elderly man with Alzheimer’s and a pregnant lady who has a sick daughter nobody can diagnose. In steps Frankie.

However, even after the little girl details her symptoms, Frankie fails to act. When she inevitably collapses it turns out she has a major heart defect. Better luck next time Frankie!

Frankie’s loving boyfriend, Ian, is ready to propose at her birthday party. However when Frankie fails to appear, because she is again tending to a patient, he decides he’s had enough and sleeps with someone else.  I needed more time to care about their relationship before they were pulled apart…

My verdict is Frankie didn’t quite work. But I’m prepared to tune in next week, so maybe it has potential.

Aneira Davies, 27, Llandeilo, near Carmarthen, says…

It seems as though Tuesday nights on the BBC are now reserved for the grittier dramas and this week’s opening episode of Frankie was no exception. The new drama followed the daily life of Frankie Maddox, a nurse living in Bristol, who struggled to maintain the balance between her work and home life and often, to the dismay of her boyfriend, put more effort into her work. It seemed from the start that Frankie had her faults, especially when she stayed to help her patient through labour, rather than attend her own birthday party, where she knew her boyfriend was due to propose. As a result he, who had previously forgiven her when she had accidentally locked him out all night, slept with one of her colleagues.

Although some parts of the drama seemed unrealistic, overall it seems that Frankie will prove to be a worthwhile watch.


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