The Fall – visit the setting of Gillian Anderson’s new series

Missing Broadchurch? Try the BBC’s latest crime thriller set in historic Belfast, then see the city for real…


Gillian Anderson plays English Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, in BBC2’s latest crime drama – The Fall (9pm, May 13 on BBC2). She’s brought in to help the Police Service of Northern Ireland catch a serial killer. However, the show doesn’t go for the typical whodunit approach. We’re introduced to the killer from the off – it’s Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan). DSI Gibson has to figure out how to stop him.


It’s not just the strong script and characters that make this series stand out, it’s the city they have as a backdrop, says Gillian Anderson: “[Belfast] is a character in the series,” she says. “It’s a very beautiful city”. Once war-torn, the capital has been transformed in to a vibrant cultural capital. Want to see it up close? Here’s what not to miss…

Cave Hill
A great way to see Belfast is by viewing it from the 368 metre-high Cave Hill. The spectacular scene at the top includes the northern fringes of the city. Take a look at this spot from ground level too – locals call it ‘Napoleon’s Nose’ due to its uncanny shape.

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Belfast Black Taxi Tours
Locals have a nickname for these as well – they’re called ‘bombs and bullets’ tours, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the city’s tumultuous past. Drivers will take you to see sights of historical and political significance, such as the Sinn Fein office and Bobby Sands mural (pictured above). It’s also possible to go further afield and see some of the beautiful surrounding countryside – such as the Giant’s Causeway and Antrim Coast and Glens. 

St George’s Market
Head to this bustling market for fresh locally-sourced organic produce. This spot has been a local attraction since 1890 and remains a meeting point for people from all walks of life.

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Peace Walls
The high corrugated-iron barricades between the Protestant and Catholic communities in Northern and Southern Ireland were never meant to be permanent fixtures, yet Peace Walls remain around the city. The division from Westlink to Black Mountain covers approximately three miles, and its steel gates are open during the day. Meanwhile, the Springmartin Road 18-foot-high wall complete with a police station is sure to make an impact.

Botanic Gardens
This beautiful green space is featured in the The Fall, and is open to the public all year round. Inside there’s a red-brick greenhouse, a statue of Lorn Kelvin (who invented the Kelvin Scale, use to measure temperatures) a ‘Tropical Ravine’ and the spectacular Palm House, built by Charles Lanyon in 1839. 

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The famous ship was built in Belfast, and before its maiden voyage in 1912 it was one of the most advanced engineering accomplishments in the world. To honour this great liner, and the passengers who took that fateful journey, the city is rejuvenating its former shipbuilding yards. The one billion Euro project, which will include a science park, apartments, exhibition space, shops and hotels, has been named Titanic Quarter. Visitors can learn more about the history of boat building and the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic during tours of the historic and architecturally stunning area. Scenes from The Fall were also filmed at the modern Odyssey arena and pavillion – here families should try out the W5 Interactive Discovery Centre, filled with buttons to push, levers to pull and fun learning games.

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Images courtesy of Wiki Commons, Ross, Albert Bridge, Alamy