Romola Garai and Peter Capaldi: The Hour could be revived in a one-off special

At the Baftas, the stars of the cancelled BBC2 period drama say they have ideas for what happens next

Tears were shed and petitions signed when BBC2 cancelled period drama The Hour earlier this year after two critically acclaimed but low-rating series following the birth of a fictional BBC current affairs programme in the 1950s. But the show, created by Abi Morgan, should come back in the form of a one-off, 1960s-set special, according to two of its stars.


Speaking at the 2013 Television Baftas in London last night, Romola Garai said of her time on the drama: “It was an amazing experience: a fascinating period of history, amazing actors, one of the best writers writing in television at the moment.

“It’s very sad [that the show has been cancelled] but these things happen. You just have to be grateful and glad that you got the job in the first place and you had a wonderful time making it.”

Co-star Peter Capaldi, who was nominated for a Bafta for his portrayal of head of news Randall Brown, said: “We had plans to take it into the 60s, move to Television Centre. That would have all been good fun. There might be a chance to do a one-off catching up on some of the characters. It’d be fascinating to see them doing Panorama or something like that.”

Garai agreed: “We could do [a one-off episode]. The show was never intended to end as a cliffhanger so it’s really sad that you don’t get to finish off the storylines. Abi was always talking about taking it much more into the 60s: huge social changes.”

The actress added that a new episode might see her character Bel fix the romantic tension between her and fellow journalist Freddie – the character played by Ben Whishaw, who last night won the leading actor Bafta for The Hollow Crown. “Freddie and Bel’s story might have a dramatic resolution,” Garai said. “Possibly they might have ended up together. People who enjoyed the show really wanted that to happen!”

After speaking to on the red carpet, Garai presented the award for male performance in a comedy programme – and brought the house down at the Royal Festival Hall with her introductory remarks. “Good evening. After the recent birth of my child, I had the misfortune of having 23 stitches in my vagina,” Garai told the star-studded crowd. “So I didn’t think I’d be laughing at anything for a long time. Tonight’s nominees have proved me wrong.”

Watch Garai’s speech below (video via Holy Moly):