American Doctor Who fans asked to keep finale secrets after receiving series 7 DVDs too early

Steven Moffat promises a special reward for fans who save the surprise for The Name Of The Doctor

The BBC has appealed to US Doctor Who fans to keep tight lipped about this weekend’s finale after a production error led to them receiving their pre-ordered Blu-ray of series seven part two early.


The Name of the Doctor, airing this Saturday, promises to finally solve the mystery of the “Impossible Girl”, Clara, and to reveal the Doctor’s “greatest secret.” Far more intriguing, however, is the finale’s final four minutes, which have been removed from all press preview copies in order to prevent spoilerific leaks. But now, in a cruel twist of fate, American stockists appear to have made a huge mistake and sent out their orders to fans ahead of its May 28 release date.

One such fan, posting on his Tumblr, reacted to his surprise package with: “So… Did anyone else get their pre-order early? This is a HUGE mistake via BBC America, one I’m very happy to be victimized by. I get to see Nightmare in Silver AND The Name of the Doctor early! So, I feel like I have the awesome power of being able to spoil something really really big in the palm of my hands but I refuse sir, I REFUSE! Just know that The Name of the Doctor is a seriously game-changing episode. And that Clara’s explanation will BLOW classic Whovians out of the water.”

This, understandably, has not gone down well with the BBC. Last night the official Doctor Who Twitter account pleaded with fans to keep schtum on whatever surprises the episode held in store, saying:

And just to show that they meant business, they also went on to say that Steven Moffat promises a special reward if fans managed to do so.

A spokesman for BBC Worldwide told they are “currently investigating how this has happened” and have, in response to giving an estimated delivery date of Friday for series 7 pre-orders, “taken steps to ensure that other fans won’t get their DVDs ahead of the finale.”


Remember: spoilers!