Lara Pulver: ‘I would love to be the female Knight Rider’

The Sherlock and Da Vinci's Demons actress on "cool" David Hasselhoff and why she's never been so proud to be British

What’s the best job in TV?


It must be hugely gratifying being a writer, watching what you’ve sat in solitude writing, come to life… Or it might be horrific, having actors like me come in and completely ruin your vision!

And the worst?

Catering. You’re working such long hours and trying to please so many different people. Most people need stodge to keep going all day, but then you’ve got actresses who go, “I couldn’t possibly eat that!” I have to admit I’m one of them – I don’t eat gluten or dairy!

Which programme would you resurrect?

I saw Knight Rider the other day and there was something so cool about David Hasselhoff. I would love to be the female Knight Rider!

Who should win the RT Audience Award?

How can we not honour the Olympics Opening Ceremony? I’ve never been so proud to be British. I live in the States, so I watched it at a bizarre time but the next day everyone was talking about the Queen coming down in a helicopter!


The British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 12 May at 8:00pm on BBC1