Ashley Walters: I’m very old fashioned

What will TV be like in 30 years' time? I miss just having four channels...


The best job in TV?


Being an actor! I get Adidas trainers for free, which I love! It’s not all glamour, though. I just spent three months doing Top Boy 2 filming most scenes in the evening outside in the freezing cold.

What will TV be like in 30 years’ time?

I’m very old-fashioned – I miss having just four channels.

What programme would you resurrect?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will Smith. I’m still a big fan. I plan to go to the States next year and maybe try a pilot season – I need to work on my accent, though!

Who should win the RT Audience Award?

I’ll go with Homeland. I’ve missed out on all the others, even the Opening Ceremony.


The British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 12 May at 8:00pm on BBC1