The Apprentice: The eyebrows have it as Twitter goes crazy over Dracula lookalike Alex Mills

11,000 tweets about eyebrows were sent during last night's opening episode, thanks to the striking new candidate

Apprentice candidate Alex Mills – or, more accurately, his rather impressive eyebrows – became overnight social media sensations as the new series of the business reality show kicked off on BBC1 yesterday.


Mills, 22, a company director from Wales who describes himself as “an old head on young shoulders”, was among the most discussed candidates on Twitter last night – not to mention on Dara O Brian’s BBC2 Apprentice sister show You’re Fired!, where his striking look was compared to that of a certain well-known blood-sucker.

But it was Alex’s aggressively groomed brow furniture which really had viewers talking – with over 11,000 eyebrow-related tweets sent during last night’s episode, according to social media analysts Second Sync.

Not that Count – sorry, Mr – Mills was the only candidate with noteworthy brows. 26-year-old health drink entrepreneur Kurt Wilson sported a luxurious pair that broke up the space between his well-manicured beard and carefully styled hair very nicely thank you, while property developer Jason Leech, 29, boasted a substantial pair of classic caterpillars.

Even the girls got in on the action, with arch-fiends Luisa Zissman and Uzma Yakoob in particular looking as if they had each spent a fair few days in front of the mirror with a set of industrial tweezers.

But it was Alex whose angry Vulcan look really captured viewers’ imaginations – and sent Twitter users into a frenzy perhaps unprecedented in the history of eyebrows on UK social media.

See Alex and his eyebrows in action in their Apprentice audition tape below…