Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think of The Apprentice

Want to be a TV journalist for a day? Send us your review of the first episode of The Apprentice series 9 by midday on Wednesday and it might just get published...



Yes that’s right, The Apprentice is bursting back onto our screens tonight. And we’re all asking the same question…

Is there a better day to start shouting your opinions from the metaphorical rooftop that is

Go on, channel your inner entrepreneur, be your own project manager, beat the outspoken competition. And the good news is, we are bigger fans of the carrot than the stick over here at RT towers so no one will be fired. If we like what you’ve written, though – we’ll publish it. It’s as simple as that.

Send your 150 word review of the first episode of The Apprentice, along with your full name, age and hometown, to by midday tomorrow (08/05/2013).



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