Coronation Street spoilers: Mikey North reveals all about Gary’s attempt to kiss Tina

"She goes mad. She really kicks off. Big style!" says the actor

Dad-to-be Gary Windass is to make a massive error of judgement in next week’s episodes when he makes an unwelcome move on Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan).


After attending an army reunion where his mates accuse of him of fancying Tina, an emotional Gary ends up calling at her flat and trying to kiss her. So how does Tina react?

“She goes mad. She really kicks off. Big style,” says actor Mikey North, who plays Gary. “I think she saw it coming because when he gets there he’s acting very strange and saying some weird things to her, which makes her feel uncomfortable. So when it comes, she’s almost ready for it and she won’t let him out of the house until he explains what’s going on.”

But after Gary admits that his feelings for her have become confused of late, Tina tells him that he needs to stay away from her. But is that even possible? And does Gary think that’s the best thing for him to do?

“Yes, I think he knows that he shouldn’t have done it and that he now has no choice but to keep his distance so that she doesn’t say anything to Izzy. Then Izzy arranges for them all to go out for a drink together because she can see things aren’t right. Gary and Tina aren’t happy about it and it makes for a very awkward situation.”

Viewers have seen Gary grow protective of Tina since they entered into the surrogacy deal. First, he helped her when her flat was broken into and then he spent £200 to retrieve the ring that was stolen in the raid. The chain of events has resulted in Izzy becoming increasingly jealous of Gary and Tina’s relationship, but does Gary understand why?

“He sensed she wasn’t happy with the balance when they went to the antenatal classes, but he didn’t understand why,” says North. “Then when he makes a move on Tina, the penny drops and he comes round to Izzy’s way of thinking and he starts to make more of an effort with her and to try and make himself feel better too. It’s only a matter of time, really, before she does find out but he won’t admit that reality to himself.”

But it looks like that reality could hit sooner than Gary expects after Tina puts their secret at risk by confiding in Tommy. So how does this make Gary feel?


“He’s worried about Tommy telling Izzy because they’ve got history. In Tommy’s eyes, that split with Tina was down to Gary and Izzy. Tommy resents Gary and this is the perfect opportunity for him to exact revenge. So Gary is having to plead with him as well as Tina not to say anything. But I think the only reason Tommy is keeping quiet is for Tina’s sake – if it wasn’t for her then he would blab immediately!”