Coronation Street: Ben Price wants David’s evil side to resurface

The actor relishes the prospect of Nick and Kylie's secret being exposed

How long can secrets stay hushed up in soapland? Not long if past performance is anything to go by. So what are the chances of Corrie’s David Platt finding out that Nick could be the father of Kylie’s baby? Pretty high, would be the smart response. But it’s a prospect that Ben Price, the actor who plays Nick, certainly relishes:


“You can completely feel when a storyline is right for you and that’s how I feel with this one,” he says. “I can’t wait to get my teeth into it. Nick’s spent so many years setting his life up and now what’s going to happen to him? I also hope we see the return of evil David!”

Next week, viewers will see Nick’s brotherly betrayal return to haunt him once again when David gets the idea of having the baby genetically tested. With a recent epileptic fit weighing on his mind, David is terrified that his child will inherit the condition and is intent on getting the matter checked out. So what is Nick’s reaction to this development?

“Complete panic. It’s just not an option as far as he’s concerned. I don’t think Nick raises suspicions as such, but he does lose his cool. I think Nick tries beyond anything else to be cool and calm. He’s been in a tram crash and he’s saved lives, but this blows all his control out of the window. Nick manages to persuade him not to do it, especially after Marcus tells David that there would be no point to it.”

But despite Nick doing his best to keep the truth, there’s always the possibility that mum Gail will be indiscreet and let the cat out of the bag. Just how confident is he that she’ll keep quiet?

“She won’t keep her mouth shut. She’s a nightmare! She’s already told Sally!” rails Price. “There was a part of Nick that was pained to tell Gail but he knew he had to. But because Gail and Sally have both been cuckolded by men in the past, they’re both right at Nick about what he’s done.”

Of course, the other person bound to get caught up in any fall-out would be Leanne. Just how would she react if she found out that Kylie’s baby could be Nick’s? “It’s been pretty rocky for him and Leanne. He does love her, but their relationship is tainted. It’s never been perfect. And Leanne is so self-righteous! It would be terrible if she found out.”


And could it even result in them splitting up? “If Peter’s around, yes. If Peter’s not around, no. Peter is a wedge between them and it’s all about where that wedge comes in. If it comes in when Nick and Leanne are tight then he hasn’t got a chance of coming between them. But if that wedge comes in when they’re having troubles, then he can be straight in there.”