Spoilers! Doctor Who 50th anniversary filming pictures suggest nod to first ever episode

The photos also hint at the return of an old friend

Fresh from the news that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary will not, after all, feature incarnations of the Time Lord earlier than David Tennant’s tenth Doctor, some potentially spoilerific photos have emerged suggesting that all is not lost when it comes to honouring the classic series.


The photos, posted on Twitter by Ryan Farr during filming in Cardiff yesterday, show two huge nods to Doctor Who’s first ever adventure, 1963’s An Unearthly Child. The first is of the opening scene’s famous IM Foreman scrap yard, where original companions Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton first discover the Tardis, and the second is a sign for the fictional Coal Hill secondary school, which the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan attended and where Barbara and Ian taught. According to the sign, Ian is now “Chairman of the Governors.”

Whether Chesterton, played by William Russell, is set to return is unclear but the actor has been confirmed to play a character called Harry in Mark Gatiss’ Doctor Who drama An Adventure in Space and Time later this year.  


Meanwhile: filming continues on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, which will air on November 23.