Fan buys 14,000 Doctor Who books to donate to schools

David Dovey hopes the stories will inspire children to read


In a heroic act worthy of the Time Lord himself, a fan is giving away 14,000 Doctor Who books to schools after finding them on eBay.


David Dovey, from Gloucester, bought the huge haul for just £656 after an Essex skip hire firm found the collection in one of their containers and put it up for auction. Dovey, with the help of two friends, won after 35 bids and now plans to donate the books to school libraries, hoping they will get children excited about reading.

“Doctor Who changed my life,” Dovey told the Gloucester Echo, “before that, reading was boring. Having worked in schools I thought it would be amazing to get the books and hand them out to schools to inspire other youngsters. I never thought we’d actually be able to do it.”

300 schools have already signed up for the books, which were all written between 1973 and 1994 and are Target serialisations of episodes from the classic TV series. There are 36 different titles among the vast collection but around 800 brand new copies of each, still wrapped in bundles of 100. Only 1,400 of the books have been allocated since the auction in February.


Schools interested in adding the books to their libraries should contact Dovey at