The Apprentice – who’s your favourite ever candidate?

From Stuart "The Brand" Baggs to Ruth "The Badger" Badger, which boardroom star have you most enjoyed watching? Read our handy bios then cast your vote...


The seemingly unstoppable business-reality behemoth that is The Apprentice is back for yet another run this month. But before the new intake barges into the boardroom to give their 150 per cent’s-worth, we thought it was time to consult the ledgers, take stock and decide which of the 126 candidates to so far find themselves (for better or for worse) on the business end of Lord Sugar’s index finger is your favourite.


It’s not necessarily about business acumen – your choice could be your best-loved purveyor of management speak, the biggest chancer or simply the one with the weirdest hairstyle. And of course we don’t expect you to sift through eight series-worth of them before taking your pick. We’ve drawn up a shortlist of 20, each complete with a handy one-line bio, to refresh your memories. Check them out, then cast your vote below…

Tim Campbell

The first winner, and all-round nice chap. Not really Apprentice material…

Saira Khan

Headache-inducing purveyor of marketing-speak who used her runner-up position to launch a media career

Ruth Badger

The Badger. Floats like a badger, stings like a badger. Landed her own Sky series, Badger or Bust

Katie Hopkins

Sandhurst Military Academy recruit and pantomime villain who turned down a place in the series three final

Lee McQueen

Performed his patented “reverse pterodactyl” impression in a final-stage interview yet still won series four

Raef Bjayou

The best-dressed, most well-mannered contestant ever in the history of The Apprentice

Lucinda Ledgerwood

Whimsically posh beret obsessive with a knack for managing people

Kate Walsh

Runner-up in the Apprentice but her eyes were on another prize – a TV career. GMT’s fashion segment and OK! TV were highlights…

Debra Barr

“Six foot tall, seven foot with her mouth open” and the one who got away, for Lord Sugar

James McQuillan

Loveable court jester and faux-idiot savant

Philip Taylor

Bullheaded estate agent who became obsessed with his failed superhero creation Pants Man…

Stella English

Used superior leadership and organisational skills – plus her ability to herd men – to win series six

Stuart Baggs

The Brand. Not a one-trick pony, not a ten-trick pony, but a whole field of ponies

Liz Locke

Smart, capable and another one who got away, thanks to Herr Baggs’s speil

Melissa Cohen

Loudmouthed language-mangler and quiff-jockey; karmic retributor

Tom Pellereau

Computer-brained chic geek and inventor of the curved nailfile

Jim Eastwood

Blarney-spouting Jedi with the eyes of a serial killer

Natasha Scribbins

Hostile hospitality manager – operationally speaking, yeah?

Ricky Martin

Witness the fitness of the professional wrestler-turned recruitment manager-turned Apprentice winner. The reflection of perfection

Adam Corbally

Excitable red-faced green grocer with a back-to-basics approach to business