Four Rooms star Andrew Lamberty to become Auction Hero

The antique-magnate will travel the country saving charities in a new BBC2 series


Four Rooms star and wide-boy antiques dealer, Andrew Lamberty, is to front his own BBC2 series. Auction Hero, which follows Lamberty as he travels the UK, bidding to save a selection of charities threatened with closure, is to run over three consecutive nights from 13 May.


The premise is simple enough: with donations falling, Lamberty (pictured left) plans to use his expertise to buy and sell various objects from vintage globes to Picasso pottery in order to prevent struggling charities from going under. Spurred on by the emotional stories of volunteers from Runnymede, Truro, Aberdeen, Manchester and Farnham, it will culminate in his own all-important auction, where he hopes that his choices were the right, profitable ones.

“Buying and selling nearly 30 antiques and art works from around Europe in 90 days was a tough ask”, the dealer says, “but nothing compared to the task those lovely people who run the charities set themselves every year”.


Given that Lamberty, one of Four Rooms’ more eccentric dealers, became notorious for purchases such as a £55,000 nose cone from a Concorde, however, those lovely people may need all the help they can get.