Benedict Cumberbatch and the Star Trek Into Darkness cast are quizzed by Starfleet health and safety

And Cumberbatch has some good advice for Starfleet cadets in the video interview

There’s interviewing and then there’s… this. Watch as Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain, John Harrison, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and various other Star Trek Into Darkness cast are grilled by a member of “Starfleet Human And Alien Resources.”


Interviewer Daniele Rizzo, who specialises in talking to actors in costume, stays totally in character as mild-mannered union rep, “Spocko” and asks some pretty important questions – “for internal use” only, of course – of Captain Kirk and co about Starfleet health and safety.


Most of the actors play along with the joke but look out for Spock’s Zachary Quinto, who doesn’t look particularly impressed, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s sterling advice for Starfleet students: “Grammar is important, don’t split your infinitives.”