Period drama set during the Great Fire of London commissioned by ITV

The broadcaster is hot on the heels of Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge with a drama about London's devastating 1666 fire


A new four-part drama documenting the devastating effects of the Great Fire of London has been commissioned by ITV.


Following on from the channel’s period drama successes Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge, the 17th century drama will follow historical and fictional characters as their lives are changed forever by one of London’s greatest disasters.

Set in 1666 over four consecutive days, the fiery drama will follow the likes of Samuel Pepys and King Charles II as well as the city’s working classes as the Great Fire rips a path through London, consuming homes and destroying lives as it goes.

Fans of Downton’s dramas and Mr Selfridge’s scandal needn’t be concerned that The Great Fire of London’s darker subject matter means it will be missing those key components – ITV assures us the fire will bring all sorts of deceit, desire and forbidden love to the fore.


The costume drama is penned by Shadow Dancer author Tom Bradby, the ITV News political editor-turned-writer. The Great Fire of London is the first drama commissioned by ITV’s new director of drama Steve November.