Made in Chelsea: Lucy Watson – ‘We’re trying to fill the awkward pauses’

"Everyone started taking the mick out of us" says her co-star Binky Felstead

Made in Chelsea is just as infamous for its long awkward pauses as it is for its flaring nostrils, glamorous cocktails and penchant for the word “boiii”. But observant viewers will have noticed of late that those uneasy silences are on the wane as the cast continue to dramatically air their grievances in the current fifth series. 


Speaking exclusively to, cast member Lucy Watson revealed the show’s participants are making an effort to cram their screen time with gossip-worthy dialogue: “We’re trying to fill the awkward pauses. We’ve learnt to recognise them.” 

“Everyone started taking the mick out of us,” added her co-star Binky Felstead.

Discussing the show at the Bafta nominations party, the pair – along with fellow Chelsea-ite Andy Jordan – also elaborated on what it is about MIC that continues to draw viewers, and Bafta-nominations. “We hope we portray England well – the places,” said Binky. “I think the cameramen do a really good job.”

“The interactions between cast members become more real and more intense which obviously makes for better viewing,” added Andy. “People are so relaxed, it’s even as if the cameras aren’t there any more.”

Speaking of drama, what did the trio make of Louise and Spencer’s recent acrimonious break up? “The group are happy for them to be parting ways,” admitted Lucy. “They definitely don’t bring out the best in each other so it’s a mutual decision. If they’re going to be happier from it then that’s great.”


Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays at 10:00pm on E4