Film DVD round-up: Life of Pi, The Oranges and You Will Be My Son

In April 29th’s releases: an Indian boy finds himself all at sea, a married man poaches his son’s gal and a vineyard owner gripes about who should inherit his grapes


Life of Pi (Cert: PG)
3 stars


Ang Lee’s visually spectacular take on Yann Martel’s bestseller

Formats: DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray (includes standard Blu-ray)

Extras: The DVD includes a trailer and an 18-minute featurette about the film’s visual effects. The standard Blu-ray adds an hour-long documentary about the film, a five-minute quickie about the tiger creation, plus storyboards and film stills galleries. The 3D Blu-ray also has deleted scenes and more on the visuals.

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The Oranges (Cert: 15)
2 stars

Hugh Laurie puts on that American accent in this family-crisis comedy

Format: DVD

Extras: Trailer

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You Will Be My Son (Cert: 15)
4 stars

French tale of three men involved in a battle for the bottle

Format: DVD

Extras: Trailer


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