Call the Midwife’s Helen George and Laura Main: Vote for us – we have hair like royalty!

Trixie and Sister Bernadette discuss the Bafta Radio Times Audience Award, their "amazing" fans and what's new for series three


Helen George and Laura Main, the stars of BBC1’s hit period drama Call the Midwife, have publicly appealed for votes in the Radio Times Audience Award.


Calling to their “amazing” and “supportive” fan following, the CTM girls joked that viewers should vote for the fifties drama because “We have hair like the Queen… And Jessica [Raine] looks like Princess Margaret!”

Speaking to at the Bafta nominees party, Laura Main, who plays Sister Bernadette, said: “It’s such a quality drama. The productions values are amazing, the writing is incredible… It’s made with a lot of love as well and I think that’s been translated to the audience and they can feel that and it touches people.”

Added Helen George, aka bubbly blonde Trixie: “[It’s got a] strong female cast… There are not that many shows that have that and that dare to do that.” 

Call the Midwife is nominated in this year’s Bafta Radio Times Audience Award, the only category which can be voted for by the British public. Talking about their competition – Game of Thrones, Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off, Homeland and the Olympic Opening Ceremony – Laura said: “The fact that we’ve been selected with five other fantastic shows – such an eclectic mix – is a total honour. We are thrilled to be here.”

“We’ve got an amazing following  – they are really supportive,” continued Helen. “People come up to you and they only want to share positive stories. They only want to be nice about the show. There’s never any negativity.”

The girls are getting ready to film a new series of the drama at the moment. Asked whether they could tell us anything about the third run, Helen George said: “There’s going to be babies!” before Laura added: “It’s going to be very different. But I don’t know what it’s going to be like. I can’t wait to see a script and find out!”

Watch our full interview with Helen and Laura below: 


Call the Midwife is nominated in this year’s Bafta Radio Times Audience Award. See the shortlist and vote for your favourite here