Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

29 April-3 May: Romeo takes Indi on a romantic weekend, Ricky and Brax share a kiss, while Liam announces he’s leaving the Bay


Monday 29 April


Romeo surprises Indi with a romantic getaway. He’s creating new good memories between himself and Indi before the cancer he’s hiding takes hold. He struggles to hide the truth from the woman he loves. Romeo confiscates Indi’s phone. This weekend is supposed to be like a boot camp for relaxation – and that means no interruptions from the outside world. Indi reflects how bogged down they both are, and that she’s enjoying this time they have now. He reflects on Indi’s inner strength, how she’ll survive anything. Indi contradicts him – marriage is a partnership. If one of them stumbles the other will be there to pick them up. While getting hot and heavy, Indi feels Romeo’s biopsy scar and he lies to her, saying it’s a surfing wound.

Heath is enjoying his job at the gym, along with logging some inappropriate time with Bianca. Casey is angry that Heath’s taken his job, but Heath insists he’s minding it while Casey is injured (while lording it over him a little). In the midst of this sibling rivalry, Kyle offers to throw Heath and Bianca an engagement party at Angelo’s. Heath mistrusts Kyle’s sucking up after the tension between them, but Kyle insists he’s just looking out for his brother. Heath’s been hyper aware since clocking Kyle’s romantic interest in Tamara, but is persuaded to go ahead with the party. Bianca is worried when Heath suggests the engagement party idea, but Heath sweet talks her around. Bianca struggles to get her friends to come at such short notice, and her best friend Natalie is worried about the awkwardness of attending such a big Braxton event. Irene assures her that she and April will be there. Casey, eager to prove he’s ready for work, over extends himself helping and is hurt.

Zac convinces Natalie that she should go to Bianca’s engagement party – if it’s too weird he won’t go, but she should support Bianca by being there. A thoughtful Natalie says farewell to Liam, who’s leaving the Bay tomorrow.

Maddy and Spencer are happily loved up and are planning their ‘first time’. But their love bubble is about to burst with the arrival of Spencer’s brother, Chris; a happy-go-lucky traveller who wants Spencer to return home. Maddy’s perplexed to see Chris arrive in the Bay. Now Chris is back, Spencer receives worrying reports about his parents. Chris tells him their marriage is falling apart under the strain of his absence. When Spencer expresses his concerns to Maddy, she promises when the time is right they’ll talk to their parents again. Chris runs into Harvey and Alf and asks to stay in the Caravan Park. Alf and Harvey invite him to their barbecue.

Tuesday 30 April

Tamara is angry when Casey injures himself. Sid advises Casey to slow down, he’s still recovering from a stab wound. Tamara thinks Heath’s as much to blame as Casey. If Heath hadn’t enjoyed torturing Casey about taking his job, Casey would never have pushed himself. In the midst of all this family chaos, Bianca worries that the engagement party is a bad idea. She confides to Tamara her real fear is “good old Cheryl”, the Braxton matriarch who Tamara’s never met. Tamara feels inadequate going to the engagement party, so April gives her a makeover. While the boys prepare for the engagement party at Angelo’s, they are interrupted by an old friend: The beautiful Ricky Sharpe, the little sister of Adam, who’s in town for Heath’s engagement. The boys are pleased to see her, none so much as Brax. 

With the party underway Kyle worries that Cheryl is going to give him hell. Casey advises that Cheryl has a problem with almost everybody and not to worry about it. A warm moment between the feuding brothers is ruptured when a newly made over Tamara arrives. It’s clear Kyle is infatuated with her, but Casey’s too wrapped up in his beautiful girlfriend to notice. Heath, however, is quick to notice and warns Kyle to stop his gawking. Natalie arrives at the party and Ricky picks up a vibe between she and Brax. Brax decides the two of them should get out of there.  Cheryl arrives, automatically directing some sass in Bianca’s direction, not to mention some seriously mean vibes towards Kyle, who hides. Back at the house, Ricky and Brax are getting intimate, and Ricky clarifies that this is a casual hook up. When Ricky wants to leave, Brax wonders why she showed up. She reveals she’s been visiting Jamie, and knows how the Braxton’s have helped. Ricky makes it clear she doesn’t blame Brax for Adam’s passing.

After overhearing Tamara giving Casey a serve, Cheryl adopts her into the Braxton brood with open arms – much to Bianca’s consternation. Liam shows up to say goodbye. He’s leaving to connect with his son. It’s a bittersweet farewell for Bianca and Liam, but he wishes her true happiness. Meanwhile, Kyle faces an aggressive Cheryl, but it’s clear he’s feeling unstable and when Tamara tries to stop the tension he snaps at her. In the midst of the fighting a sharp-eyed Cheryl crows that Kyle has a thing for Tamara. When Kyle admits this, Casey decks him.

Still on their romantic getaway, Indi tells Romeo she wants to start a family. Romeo is cut to the core – the full impact of what he’s about to lose is hitting him hard. While Indi rests, Romeo leaves her a letter saying goodbye, and holding back his emotion, leaves the tent.

Wednesday 1 May

Brax and Ricky’s bubble is burst when a feuding Casey and Tamara arrive home. Bianca stands up for Kyle when Cheryl accuses him of being a snake in the grass. At the house, Casey is angry that Tamara kept Kyle’s advances a secret, and Tamara is hurt when he asks her if she’s hedging her bets. She walks out and finds Kyle at Angelo’s to try and work out what’s between them. Tamara arrives home the next morning where a despondent Casey gives her grief.

A weary Tamara says they should move on, but Casey’s hung up on her keeping secrets from him and needs more time. Things are playful with the other two couples, Brax and Ricky and Bianca and Heath – until Ricky is confused that Bianca doesn’t remember her house. Adam had taken Bianca there once, and Bianca goes stiff, the memory of that dark time flooding back. Ricky realises this is a touchy subject and quickly moves on. Cheryl pops by to advise Brax to pull Kyle up. When Ricky affirms that Cheryl has a point, so Brax lays it clear for Kyle – leave Casey’s girlfriend alone. Bianca’s still angry about Cheryl’s treatment of her. Ricky reveals that Cheryl only gives her a hard time because Heath is her favourite. Kyle tells Casey he plans to stay away from Tamara, and that it’s his problem and not hers. Casey apologises to Tamara and she promises to be honest from here on.

Indi wakes up to a missing Romeo, and doesn’t realise what’s happened until she reads the note he left her. Romeo meets Liam and they leave town together while she’s reading, where Romeo reveals that he’s leaving. He does not reveal that he has cancer, and a bewildered Indi is left devastated. Sid arrives at the light house to take Indi home. When she arrives home Indi reveals to Sasha that Romeo left her. Sid only tells her that Romeo sent him a text asking him to pick her up. At a loss, Indi decides to go to work. Sasha thinks it’s another on-again, off-again fight for Indi and Romeo, but Sid tells her it’s not that simple. Emotionally drained Indi arrives at the gym car park to find Romeo’s car. John explains Romeo’s not here. Indi is yelling at Heath to go home – he’s not working today, when Sid arrives and tells Heath to continue with his work. Sid then takes Indi aside and he explains to her that Romeo has cancer and overwhelmed, Indi collapses.

Thursday 2 May

Rosie stumbles into the diner, clearly distressed. At first Sasha is dismissive until Roo alerts her that something’s up. Rosie reveals that she’s been raped. They take her to the hospital where Sasha tells her father what’s happened.  Sasha blames herself for Rosie’s rape, but Roo counsels her that it’s not her fault. Alf, Harvey and Marilyn are shocked that a rape has happened in the caravan park. Sid tries to speak to Rosie, but she’s plagued by the memories of her rape. Sasha comforts her as Rosie becomes physically ill from the memory of her ordeal. Sid tells Sasha he can’t tell her foster parents about the rape, nor can he make her talk to specialist. Rosie tells Sasha that she doesn’t want Mullins – her rapist – to get into trouble. Rosie just wants to forget. Sasha tries to convince her to tell the police. While Sasha and Rosie are on the grassy knoll with Dex, Mullins and his mates show up. Sasha tells him to get lost, but Mullins is confident Rosie’s not going to go to the police. Rosie stands up to him, and he leaves. Rosie realises that she needs to go to the police, and painfully but bravely recounts her story.

Dex arrives home, and Sid is still keeping Indi and Romeo’s dramas from Sasha and Dex. Both Sasha and Dex don’t realise the seriousness of the situation. Sid tells them they need to have a family meeting, which sounds pretty cryptic to Dex. They are both devastated when Sid tells them the truth – Romeo has stage four cancer.

Chris notices how at ease Spencer is with Alf and Harvey. Chris confronts Spencer about his choices, but Spencer feels like his life is sweet. Chris tries to get him to go travelling with him, but he refuses – he has a life here. Harvey talks to Spencer about irresponsible Chris, and Spencer says he’s going to head off with Chris for a couple of days.

Jett is excited that Gina and John are about to sign the adoption papers. He creates his own contract with Gina and John about how they’ll be as a family.

Friday 3 May

Stunned from the news of Romeo’s cancer and his subsequent departure, Dex calls him and leaves an emotional message. When April notices Dex is down, Dex doesn’t open up to her – and she feels locked out. Instead Dex confides in Steph. When April confronts him about his strange behaviour he reveals the situation with Romeo, but he’s still unwilling to open up to her. Steph continues to be there for Dex and their friendship gets stronger. April witnesses a supportive hug between Dex and Steph and takes it upon herself to tell Steph about his brain injury, and tells her she doesn’t think it’s a good time for Dex to get in a relationship. Dex overhears this and is shocked that she would interfere in his life this way. April reveals that she’s jealous that Dex went to Steph instead of her. Dex tells her the reason they moved on is because he can’t stand the way April looks at him with pity all the time. He thinks they should stay away from each other. Dex apologises to Steph for April’s behaviour. Steph says she’s happy to just be friends, but Dex tells her he wants more, and he kisses her.

Maddy feels lost in the Bay with all her free time now that Spencer’s off with his brother, and resists returning to the violin. She wants to start something new in her life. Harvey asks her about Chris and Spencer’s relationship and Maddy reveals that Spencer has always defended Chris to his parents, but she doesn’t know him that well. Maddy may seem lost without Spencer, but Harvey’s even worse. Maddy looks for a job at John’s gelato shop and Angelo’s, but she’s out of luck. Jett, after realising Maddy’s looking for something to do, convinces her to start surf lifesaving. John’s sceptical at first, but agrees to help her get her bronze medallion. Roo and Alf are so happy Maddy wants to be a lifesaver they offer to support her with the fees. Alf reckons he can get her a free membership. Harvey’s still distracted about Spencer and when Roo asks him about it, he reveals that his son would have been a teenager by now if he hadn’t drowned, and sometimes working with Spencer on the boats invokes that kind of father/son relationship.

Zac approaches Gina about getting some casual work at the school. When Gina’s confused that Zac had such high scores in uni but hasn’t been teaching, he reveals to her that he sold drugs in university and has a criminal record. He’s made a mistake, but he’s paid for it. He wants to know if teaching is still a possibility.


Gina, John and Jett enjoy some happy family time down at the beach, while they wait to hear about the adoption.