Viral videos of the week: Game of Thrones, AJ Clemente and grammar

These are the best five internet video clips of the past seven days. Oh yes they are


1. Your welcome
Grammar pendants are thoroughly decimated by this coruscating refutation of people who literally spend every day correcting misused apostrophe’s and homonyms. Contains mild but excellent swearing.


On the other hand, if you’re a member of the language police, the visuals here are a lovely compilation of honking mistakes.

2. Game of Friends
Following on from the 1995-style Thrones titles, here’s a fan-made Game of Thrones opening sequence, in the style of Friends. Some spoilers if you’re still catching up on GoT.

The fast handclap bit is handled superbly. That’s the big test for any Friends-based spoof opening credits video.

3. Wedded to the job
Among the first journalists on the scene when Lushan county in southern China was hit by a major earthquake was Chen Ying, who was handily getting married nearby and came straight down. Not having packed a change of clothes just in case a big story broke, Chen reported live on TV still wearing her dress and veil.

Dedicated as she may be, this hack is of course only the second most heroic TV journalist of the week…

4. F***ing legend
What a week it’s been for AJ Clemente. On Sunday he made his debut as a news anchor on KFYR-TV, an NBC affiliate in Bismarck, North Dakota. “F***in’ s**t!” he announced to viewers, not realising a technical failure had meant his mic was also on as co-host Van Tieu introduced him. His subsequent address to camera was riddled with nerves too. “That couldn’t have gone any worse!” tweeted Clemente afterwards with formidable understatement.

After being fired, though, Clemente found himself appearing on numerous high-profile national shows, including Late Night with David Letterman. He also landed a new, albeit one-off, job as a red-carpet reporter. He’s a cult – we said “cult” – hero.

5. Festival of dunces
Jimmy Kimmel, everyone’s second-favourite late-night talk show host called Jimmy, delivers another viral hit with this depressing footage of visitors to the Coachella festival claiming to like obscure bands that don’t exist.


You can sympathise, though: at one stage the reporter mentions a real band, Northern Irish jitterers Two Door Cinema Club, and gets just as big a laugh from the studio audience as she does for “The Chelsea Clintons” or “Get The F*** Out Of My Pool”.