Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who episode guide: The Journey to the Centre of the Tardis

Saturday 27 April: Always wondered what's inside the Tardis? "The wait is over!"


Well, I would bother telling you what this one is all about, but it’s right there in the title. As a little boy, I’d watch the doctor running about the Tardis control room, and every time he headed into the depths of his time machine, through that tantalising interior door, I’d be craning to see more. What was in there? What wonders? If you’ve ever done the same, the wait is over! After gripping the nation with the Sherlock cliffhanger, Steve Thompson returns to Doctor Who, and takes us to the very heart of the most powerful ship in the universe.


Written by Stephen Thompson
Directed by Mat King
Guest star Ashley Walters (Gregor Van Baalen)


Doctor Who: Journey to the Centre of the Tardis is on Saturday 27 April.