Arrested Development new character posters

As a new series of the cult comedy heads for Netflix, a set of posters catches up with the Bluths...

It’s just a month until Arrested Development fans finally get what they’ve been waiting seven long years for: season 4.


On-demand streaming service Netflix has exclusive rights to the new series, and to promote the upcoming launch it’s issued a series of posters featuring key AD characters, each using a streaming-based catchphrase that will ring bells with dedicated viewers.

“No touching. Only streaming,” says George Bluth Snr. “It’s not an illusion. It’s Netflix,” announces GOB. Check out the rest in the gallery below…

The cult hit, although critically acclaimed, suffered from low ratings on Fox and was cancelled in 2006. However, in 2011 Netflix agreed to license new episodes and distribute them exclusively via Netflix.

The dysfunctional Bluth family are set to return to in 15 new episodes released simultaneously on 26th May 2013, with each following one character’s journey since the conclusion of the third season.