The Hairy Bikers to Rebuild Industrial Britain

The freewheeling cooks will travel the length and breadth of Britain later this year to find out all about the industrial revolution and the lives of their ancestors

Si King and Dave Myers AKA The Hairy Bikers will present their first non-culinary documentary series on BBC2 this autumn.


The Hairy Bikers: Rebuilding Industrial Britain will see the foodie duo travelling around the UK on vintage motorbikes as they rediscover and help to restore a number of lost treasures from Britain’s industrial age.

Each of the series’ three parts will explore different areas of British life that were transformed by the industrial revolution: agriculture, transport and industry.

Meeting people determined to keep old industrial skills alive along the way, the Bikers will learn all about how industrialisation changed the British Isles and uncover secrets about what life was like for their own forebears.

“The British Isles was and is the home of engineering pioneers who have designed and built amazing machines that change people’s lives,” said King. “Uncovering their stories will be an unforgettable adventure and it means a lot to us as both our families have strong ties to industry.”

Myers added: “Si’s grandfather worked in the pits as a winchman and my family were ship workers in Barrow-in-Furness, or the ‘Chicago of the North’ as it was known.

“My mum kept links to the shipyards working as a crane driver and rediscovering more about my family’s past will be an emotional journey as I’ll get a glimpse of what their lives were really like.”


The Hairy Bikers: Rebuilding Industrial Britain is due to be broadcast on BBC2 in the autumn.