New Star Trek Into Darkness clip: what’s happening to Spock?

Vulcan stuck in volcano in nail-biting (and very mildly spoilery) blockbuster teaser


The first full clip of Star Trek Into Darkness has emerged – and it’s not looking good for Spock. The Vulcan, played by Zachary Quinto, ironically seems to be in grave danger in a volcano, in a Cumberbatch-less excerpt taken from early on in JJ Abrams’ blockbuster.


Will Kirk (Chris Pine) violate the Prime Directive – that the crew can’t use their swanky space technology if there’s a risk of less advanced civilisations finding out about it – and get his buddy out of there? Surely Spock can’t die…

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in UK cinemas on 9 May. Don’t view the clip below if you want to remain totally spoiler-free – but if you don’t care about that,’s resident Trekker Paul Jones has seen all of the first half-hour