Broadchurch series 2: the pitches

It's been recommissioned and series two will be "very different" – so what happens next? We've helpfully come up with some ideas


Miller & Hardy
Olivia Colman and David Tennant’s characters, both having left the police force, set up together as private detectives. They tour the country solving horrible crimes that have a deep impact on small coastal communities. She constantly apologises for him being rude to people, but they love each other really. (Catchphrase: “Miller!” “Oh, f*** off.”) In fact, could they even become more than colleagues..?


Broadchurch Murders
When another inhabitant of the sleepy Dorset town is killed the week after Danny’s funeral, Broadchurch soon becomes a haven for elaborate murders committed by fading character actors. Move over, Midsomer! 

Miller & Hardy (Deceased)
The same as Miller & Hardy, except Hardy dies of heart failure halfway through the first episode and becomes a ghost detective – who can only communicate via Will Mellor the incredibly annoying psychic. (Catchphrase: “Miller! MILLER! Hello?” “Wait, I’m getting something…”)

Broadchurch – After the Wave
A mega-tsunami (as predicted on BBC2 last week) hits the south coast. Most of the townsfolk scramble for safety on the clifftop and can only watch as the town is obliterated, with Mark and Nige’s hastily dug drainage ditch sadly proving inadequate.  Under the shaky spiritual leadership of Paul the vicar and his new wife, Becca the (ex-)hotelier, they must pool their resources to rebuild the community. What with the whole murder thing and now this, tourism drops off a bit.


Fred Miller, Toddler Killer
Still reeling from the revelation that the man of their house was a murderer, Ellie and Tom Miller take little Fred to a new town and put him in the local nursery – but their idyllic fresh start is ruined when one of the staff of the nursery is brutally garotted. As Ellie investigates, Fred behaves perfectly normally at home…