The Valleys cast apologise for second series of sex, swearing and flashing… before it even starts

From drunken disorder to all-round toplessness, the MTV Welsh wannabes offer up a VERY revealing plea for forgiveness...


When the first series of The Valleys aired it caused outrage – how were these riotous individuals allowed to do Wales such a disservice by airing their raucous antics on MTV for all to see? 


Welsh singer Charlotte Church termed it an “exploitative and a horrific representation of the country that I love,” but, for better or worse, the cringe-inducing, booze-fuelled antics of The Valleys cast won over viewers – and MTV bosses – and now they’re back for a second series…

In anticipation of the offensive activities they are about to embark on, the fame-hunting ensemble held a press conference to offer their “sincerest apologies” for any distasteful behaviour they may have cause to regret in the coming weeks.

Jenna got her worries about not exposing her breasts off her chest, meanwhile Chidgey took time out to thank his mum for being so supportive of his numerous hook-ups. Nicole made her apologies for dry humping and licking cast-mate Lateysha’s nipples, meanwhile newcomers Jason and Anthony engaged in a graphic demonstration of teabagging… 

If you dare to, check out the full press conference below:


The new series of The Valleys begins on Tuesday 30 April at 10:00pm on MTV