Knightmare to be repeated on Challenge TV

Classic children's virtual-reality adventure series gets rerun following CITV revival

“Forwards. Forwards. Forwards. Forwards. Left. Left. LEFT! Sorry, I mean right! Right…”


Knightmare, the classic ITV children’s series, is to be reshown on Challenge TV from May.

The adventure game show series originally aired on ITV between 1987 and 1994, running for eight series. Inspired by ZX Spectrum games such as Atic Atac, it featured Hugo Myatt as Treguard, a riddlesome Saxon knight who set children the challenge of escaping from Knightmare Castle while wearing a helmet obscuring their vision. As they progressed through various rooms created by blue-screen virtual reality and painted backdrops, they were instructed on what to do by three team-mates, watching on TV monitors.

Challenge has rerun Knightmare before but has not shown it since 2007. It announced the re-acquisition of series one and two today.

Interest in Knightmare was revived in January when it was included in CITV’s Old School Weekend, two days of programming celebrating 30 years of children’s ITV shows. In a poll to coincide with the themed weekend, Knightmare was named readers’ second-favourite CITV series of all time, losing only to Fun House with Pat Sharp.