Keanu Reeves reveals first trailer for directorial debut Man of Tai Chi

See a teaser for the Matrix star's upcoming film about a martial arts tournament in Beijing

Keanu Reeves is currently finishing work on his first feature film as director, an action-packed martial arts movie called Man of Tai Chi, which you can see a trailer for below.


The film reunites Reeves with his trainer from the Matrix films, Tiger Hu Chen, who stars in Man of Tai Chi as a good-natured fighter who enters an underground martial arts tournament.

Reeves also takes a leading role in the film as the organiser of the tournament, who makes it his mission to corrupt Hu Chen.

Man of Tai Chi’s trailer was unveiled last week at the Beijing Film Festival, so the trailer is subtitled – but don’t let that put you off, because it’s also choc-full of outrageously acrobatic fighting:

Scripted by Michael G Cooney, who until now has primarily written short films and video games, Man of Tai Chi also features appearances from The Raid’s star Iko Uwais and Shaolin Soccer’s Karen Mok.


The film doesn’t currently have a release date, but it’s expected that Man of Tai Chi will appear in cinemas later this year.