Coronation Street spoilers: Peter and Rob are forced to work together at the bookies

“It will, at some point, explode between them, I’m sure,” says actor Chris Gascoyne


There’s trouble brewing at the bookies in the coming weeks after Carla (Alison King) goes behind Peter’s back and buys Leanne’s share of the business. Peter sees Carla’s actions as encroaching on his territory, but situation is made even worse when Carla installs Rob (Marc Baylis) behind the counter:


“Peter’s not happy about that whatsoever,” admits Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter. “The bookies is Peter’s business. He sees that as being his thing and he wants to keep it that way. He doesn’t want Carla to step on his toes. I don’t think he’s overly fond of Rob either so he certainly doesn’t want to work with him! He agrees to for Carla’s sake, really. Just to stop her from nagging!”

So what is it specifically about Rob that Peter doesn’t like? “Well, I think the relationship between Carla and Rob as brother and sister is becoming really complex. She feels like she let him down at a young age, he still wants her approval over everything and he also gets jealous of Peter. Equally, Peter’s jealous of Rob’s place in Carla’s life, too. That’s what’s fuelling it – it’s all about egos.

“It escalates as well, but they’re both so good at slowly chipping away at each other, rather than having a full-scale war. It will, at some point, explode between them, I’m sure. They’re consumed by this battle they’ve got going on. All either of them can seem to talk about is how to wind up the other!”

Next week, viewers will see Rob installing new betting machines and technology, claiming that he’s going to drag the bookies out of the dark ages. Peter’s riled yet holds his tongue – but only until he draws up the rota and tells Rob he’s working the evening shift, which ends up scuppering his date with Tracy:

“Peter is completely unaccepting of Rob – he will not welcome him into the bookies, so there is a boundary there immediately,” says Gascoyne. “All he wants is for Rob to get out. Peter’s not one for change – he’s happy to plod on with things as they’ve always been.”

One ally that Peter definitely has in this war is Ken, who – it turns out – dislikes Rob because he believes him to be a bad influence on Tracy. So does Peter like fact that his own dad shares his views?


“Definitely. Ken and Peter’s relationship is so much better, although that can all change in a heartbeat. Ken can just say one thing and Peter will go back to being a teenage boy. But as men they get on at the moment and they are understanding each other right now. Plus Peter is becoming a little bit like his Dad now, too!”