Captain Kirk proves he’s more than a “pain in the ass” in new Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot

Watch a teaser for the film which highlights the Enterprise's captain's rebellious nature


James Tiberius Kirk makes his maverick disdain for doing things by the book clear in this new TV spot for Star Trek Into Darkness.


The 30-second-long clip features the Enterprise captain being admonished by one of his Starfleet superiors for being a “pain in the ass,” but then demonstrates the fact that his willingness to bend the rules isn’t just rebelliousness for its own sake – sometimes it’s downright necessary.

In addition to some new lines of dialogue, the teaser features one or two snippets of footage that we’re almost certain haven’t been included in any of the numerous other trailers, teasers and clips of the film that have been released thus far:

The TV spot also works as a nice counterpart to the sinister 43-second-clip released last Friday, in which Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison delivered some decidedly villainous pronouncements of doom as part of a monologue.


Starring Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock, Star Trek Into Darkness is due to beam into British cinemas on Thursday 9 May.