Doctor Who: full-colour The Mind of Evil to be released on DVD in June

The restored 1971 serial starring Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning and Roger Delgado will be available on DVD for the first time later this year


The restored, colourised version of classic Doctor Who serial The Mind of Evil will be released on DVD for the first time in June.


Starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, The Mind of Evil pits the Time Lord against his arch-enemy The Master (Roger Delgado), who’s invented a fiendish new machine of mass destruction and is intent kick-starting World War Three.

For years, The Mind of Evil only existed in black and white telerecordings at the BBC, but the serial has been restored to its former glory through a blend of manual colourisation and the chroma dot colour recovery technique used to restore such other archive classics as the Dad’s Army episode Room at the Bottom and the pilot of Are You Being Served?

In addition to the serial’s six remastered episodes, the DVD will also include commentary from actors Katy Manning, Pik-Sen Lim and Fernanda Marlowe, director Timothy Combe, producer Barry Letts, script editor Terrance Dicks and stunt arranger Derek Ware.

A second disc of extras includes three featurettes: one about the making of the The Mind of Evil; a second about the serial’s shooting locations; and the third being a behind-the-scenes look at BBC Television centre in 1971, around the time The Mind of Evil was in production.

Radio Times writer Patrick Mulkern recently attended a screening of The Mind of Evil at the BFI in London and called the colour restoration “a remarkable achievement.” Read his appraisal of the serial here.

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The new Mind of Evil DVD will be released in the UK on Monday 3 June.