Jon Hamm and the most surprising Sesame Street guests

The Mad Men star recently visited the Street - but he's certainly not the first unexpected famous face to hang out with Elmo, Big Bird and company...

Mad Men star Jon Hamm recently visited Sesame Street, to show Elmo a few different materials that sculptures can be made out of.


Sporting a beard and with his hair mercifully bereft of pomade, Hamm demonstrated some top-notch comic timing and a really friendly screen presence in his segment of the long-running edutainment show. Have a watch:

Seeing a man like Hamm, who’s best known for playing adulterous cad Don Draper on TV, turn up on Sesame Street made us think about other surprising guest stars that have appeared on Sesame Street throughout the years.

Heres’s a few of our favourites…

Buzz Aldrin

The second man ever to walk on the moon appeared on Sesame Street in 2005 to give a charming youngster some tips on becoming an astronaut. Well, if anyone would know, it’d be Buzz…

C-3PO & R2D2

The two droids from Star Wars popped up on Sesame Street in 1979 to give Big Bird some practical advice about counting in a song called Beep. 3-PO’s crisply articulated encouragement to the yellow feathered fellow is a joy to hear:

BB King

As well as teaching the inhabitants of Sesame Street about the letter ‘B’ in 2001, the veteran bluesman and his guitar Lucille also treated the Muppets to an effective lesson about the joys of 12-bar blues:

Cheech Marin

Fittingly, given his history of making stoner comedy movies with Tommy Chong, Cheech appeared in a cloud of smoke when he turned up on Sesame Street in 1994 in the guise of genie who doesn’t want to go back into his lamp:

Richard Pryor


There was a lot more to Richard Pryor than profanity-laden comedy routines about racism and the like, as the comedian proved when he gave this entertaining recital of the alphabet on Sesame Street in 1971: