David Tennant on filming the 50th anniversary: “There’s nothing quite like Doctor Who”

"It is strange being back - but also very comfortable," says the Broadchurch star on returning to his Time Lord duties


David Tennant seems to have slipped back into his former role – and his costume – very easily, as he films the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. It’s possible it’s even made him a little whistful… 


“It is strange being back in the same suit, but it also feels very familiar and comfortable,” said Tennant, who is currently starring alongside another Who alumnus, Arthur Darvill, in ITV’s Broadchurch. “There’s nothing quite like Doctor Who. It has a wonderful excitement about it. I always had happy times there.”

Tenth Doctor Tennant will join his successor Matt Smith, along with former companion Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, on the celebratory episode, which marks this year’s Who half-century in November.

“It’s lovely to be around Billie again, even though I see her all the time anyway,” Tennant told TV & Satellite Week.


The special episode is set to resurrect classic Who monsters the Zygons and will be broadcast in 3D and shown in cinemas around the UK.