Coronation Street: Patti Clare – “I’d like to see Mary get involved with a gentleman caller”

But next week, Mary is more concerned with employment opportunities after Asha and Aadi take a shine to her

Patti Clare has been talking about her desire to see her Corrie character Mary Taylor find romantic fulfilment. “I’d like to see her get involved with a gentleman caller. She’s the eternal romantic and is on a quest to find the perfect hero who will sweep her off her feet.”


However, it’s relationships of a very different kind that are on the agenda next week when Mary forms a bond with Asha and Aadi in the wake of their mum Sunita’s death. While vying for the post of nanny to Dev’s (Jimmi Harkishin) kids, Mary proves to be an unexpected hit with the bereaved youngsters.

“Deep down she would love her own family,” Clare commented to TV Times. “In looking after Dev’s kids, she’s fulfilling some primary need. Her instincts are kicking in and she feels real compassion for them. I’m really enjoying showing her softer, more caring side.”


Since making her debut on the Street in 2008, Mary has spent a large part of her time making eyes at Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden), who is never exactly pleased when she confuses friendship for something more passionate. But, in real life, it appears that Hebden is the one to keep Clare grounded: “There have been times when I’ve come in and thought, ‘Wow, I’m in the Rovers’ or ‘It’s Rita!’ But Malcolm always reminds me that it’s a job – a wonderful one!”