General Zod threatens planet Earth and Superman in new Man of Steel video teaser

The latest trailer for Zack Synder's superhero blockbuster aired at last night's MTV Movie Awards, featuring a blurry image of Michael Shannon's villain

Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel has gone against the trend set by many summer blockbusters by keeping much of its footage under wraps. Besides a series of posters and two trailers – the last of which debuted four months ago – the origins story, starring Henry Cavill in the title role, has kept relatively quiet in comparison to rival releases Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby, both of which have already revealed a hefty amount of footage.


So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Man of Steel’s latest teaser – unveiled at last night’s MTV Movie Awards – remains typically cryptic, featuring an indiscernable image of General Zod (played by Michael Shannon) delivering a threatening message to planet Earth.

The Kryptonian general – who possesses the same powers as Superman – informs viewers, “My name is General Zod. For some time, your world has sheltered one of my citizens. I request that you return this individual to my custody. To Kal-El, I say this: Surrender within 24 hours or watch his world suffer the consequences.”


Starring British actor Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Shannon as General Zod, the superhero adventure will also feature Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane when it is released in UK cinemas on 14 June.