Coronation Street spoilers: Georgia May Foote – The nation wants Katy and Chesney back together

But the actress admits that she's enjoying playing the newly single Katy: “It would be great if she could let her hair down and enjoy herself for a while.”

Katy Armstrong may have caused Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) no end of heartache thanks to her fling with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras), but it seems that the actress who plays her is relishing the opportunity to spread her wings:


“I do like playing this new Katy at the minute,” says Georgia May Foote. “It would be great if she could let her hair down and enjoy herself for a while. But it would be lovely if she and Ches got back together, eventually. It feels like it’s what the nation wants, so it would be nice.”

Her remarks come just as Chesney is about to be seen taking an interest in Beth Tinker’s niece Sinead, who’s to be played by Waterloo Road actress Katie McGlynn. So has it been odd for Foote and Aston seeing each other with different on-screen partners?

“Yeah, I was genuinely gutted when I saw Ches in the Bistro with Sinead,” comments the actress. “Sam said, ‘how do you think I feel? I’ve been watching you and Ryan for weeks!’ I do genuinely miss working with Sam. He’s top. He’s my mate and it’s been really strange for us both.”

At the moment though, it seems that there’s no hope of a reconciliation for Chesney and Katy. Upcoming episodes find her back in the arms of Ryan after Chesney admits that he can no longer trust her: “She’s thinks that if he’s not going to her and take her back, then she’ll go and have a good time. She gets all dressed up and goes out with Ryan instead.”

After Katy gets drunk while out clubbing, Ryan helps her back to his home and insists that she stays the night. So do they end up sleeping together?

“The fact that she’s very drunk means that nothing happens, but Chesney thinks it has and that’s the final nail in the coffin. “If he doesn’t trust her then there’s no point in keeping trying. I hope she’d try again for Joseph’s sake but knowing Katy she’d probably want it on her terms!”


And while it’s sad to see Chesney and Katy facing what looks to be the end of the road, there’s no doubt that Foote is getting a lot of enjoyment from the storyline: Yeah, it’s been great. It’s like playing a totally different character. I’ve been here for two-and-a-half years now and I’ve never had a storyline like this. I’ve really been able to get my teeth into it and see a new side of Katy, which is fun to play.”