Coronation Street spoilers: Gary ruins Tommy’s chances with Tina – preview pictures

But actor Chris Fountain still has hopes for a reconciliation: "It would be really nice if Tommy and Tina were to get back together”

Their relationship may have been rent asunder thanks to recent events, but Chris Fountain believes that Tommy Duckworth and Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) could be reunited given the opportunity:


“She’s always been the one he wanted,” says Fountain, who plays Tommy. “I think if they had another go at it Tommy would definitely make a proper good go of it. I think they’re both a little mature now and with everything they’ve been through they’ve had to grow up a lot.”

The couple split last year after Tina decided to become a surrogate mother got Gary Windass (Mikey North) and Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston). In recent weeks though, Tina and Tommy have reignited their friendship, but even this will soon come under threat after Tommy grows suspicious of Gary’s intentions.

“There are a few things that happen, from little conversations to snide remarks that are made. Tommy’s ears definitely start to prick up. At one point, Tommy walks upstairs into the builder’s yard and overhears Gary and Tina talking about her and Tommy’s break-up.

“Tommy can see he’s interrupted their conversation and Gary looks genuinely annoyed with him interrupting. Tommy wonders why Gary’s so annoyed about it, but later on Tommy and Tina go for a meal and Gary comes in with Tina’s dad’s ring that he’s managed to find for her after she had it robbed. I think that’s when Tommy starts to hear alarm bells and it crosses his mind that Gary is falling for her.”

And while Tina is overjoyed that she’s back in possession of the stolen ring, Tommy can’t help but react angrily: “It’s a grand gesture and it makes Tommy look bad. He doesn’t like it one bit.”

And is this all down to the fact that nobody can compare to Tina in Tommy’s eyes? “They’ve been through so much,” comments the actor. “I think because of the way the romance has played out over such a long period of time, it would be really nice if they were to get back together.”

Viewers certainly miss Tommy and Tina’s romance having waited so long for them to get together in the first place. But is Fountain also missing that on-screen relationship with Tina?


“I wouldn’t say I miss it because me and Michelle still work together just as much as we did when Tina and Tommy were a couple. But I do get a get a lot of people asking me when they’re getting back together. The partnership really works so hopefully they’ll reunite. Michelle and I have such a laugh on set too – we’re both idiots. She’s constantly singing and I’m always telling her she can’t sing. She’s awful!”