Veep season two: meet the new characters

Senior strategist Kent Davison and chief of staff Ben Cafferty join Vice President Selina Meyer's team of hapless employees


Season two of Veep kicks off in America this Sunday and in addition to our favourite characters from the first series, there are two new faces taking office. 


Meet senior strategist Kent Davison and chief of staff Ben Cafferty who will be joining Vice President Selina Meyer’s team of hapless employees in Armando Iannucci’s political satire. 

In fresh footage “swearing in the new cast”, fans also get an introduction to actors Gary Cole and Kevin Dunn who play Kent and Ben as they introduce the comic quirks of their characters. Ben’s reliable management skills soon betray a vulnerable, depressive nervousness, while Kent’s severe lack of people skills and cutting criticism comically jars against Selina’s chirpy demeanour. 

For your full meet-and-greet with the new inhabitants of the vice president’s office, check out the video below:


Veep series two is expected to air in the UK on Sky Atlantic later this year