The One Show says cast your vote in the BAFTA Radio Times Audience Award!

Stars of the six nominees argue for their shows, while TV expert Boyd Hilton gives his verdict - then it's your turn


Last night’s One Show was a Radio Times Bafta Audience Award special, introducing viewers to each of the six nominees. “It’s the coveted award that every show wants to win,” said host Alex Jones, “and it’s the only Bafta award that’s voted for by you at home.”


Stars of each of the six nominees were on hand to tell us why their shows should win, while Heat TV editor Boyd Hilton shared his thoughts, calling the Radio Times Bafta Audience Award “all about excellence – and a chance for viewers to vote for their favourite show. These are all shows that are popular cultural phenomena.”

See what Boyd and the stars had to say about each show, then vote for your favourite below…

The Great British Bake Off

Paul Hollywood (Great British Bake Off judge): “I’m very grateful to be part of a fantastic show. All we are is a great food show that represents good home baking and all we do it for is you.”

Boyd Hilton: “All the elements of Bake Off are brilliant. Mel and Sue are brilliant hosts, Paul was a fantastic judge, Mary Berry was brilliant. It’s one of the best produced shows on television.”

Vote for The Great British Bake Off


David Harewood (CIA director David Estes): “A thriller series set in a world of the CIA and international terrorism… What other show creates such tension? The way it looks, the way it’s shot and the subject matter just instil in everybody who watches it this sense of drama, this sense of ‘I must watch Homeland’.”

Boyd Hilton: “I think it’s a fantastic show, I absolutely love it, but I slightly worry that a lot of the fans thought the second series tailed of a bit – I think they thought it got a bit preposterous. The last episode was phenomenal. It’s a great show, it does really well for Channel 4 on a Sunday night, I just wonder if it’s gonna beat some of the bigger hitters.”

Vote for Homeland

Strictly Come Dancing

James Jordan (Strictly professional dancer): “Strictly has the Guinness World Record for the most popular TV show in 38 different countries… It’s been going for ten series; each year it gets better and better. It’s been nominated for a Bafta three times but never won, so please vote for us – everyone from Bruce Forsyth, Tess Daly, Claudia Winkelman – we deserve it!”

Boyd Hilton: “It’s the only big Saturday night show that’s been nominated but I wonder whether its family, traditional audience is gonna go out there and vote on the internet, that’s my only worry. But people look forward to Strictly each year – it’s like Wimbledon.”

Vote for Strictly Come Dancing

Game of Thrones

Joe Dempsie (illegitimate king’s son Gendry): “The word ‘epic’ is a bit overused these days – getting a good deal on your car insurance is supposedly epic – but in Game of Thrones’ case it’s fully justifiable. It’s a sprawling tale, it’s about politics, it’s about power struggles, it’s about the human condition.”

Boyd Hilton: “I think it’s the best show on TV right now. It’s a brilliant show, it’s got everything you want – it’s intelligent, its clever, it’s got loads of nudity. What more could you want? And I think it’s got a massive, loyal fan base.”

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Call the Midwife

Jenny Agutter (nun Sister Julienne): “It’s a really gritty piece, it has really good scripts, it’s dealing with many difficult issues, and also great hope, and I think that’s something we very much need today.”

Boyd Hilton: “It’s the most popular drama launch on the BBC for about ten years so it’s a massively popular show. I think it’s a great show, it deals with social issues in such a clever way, makes entertainment out of really important stuff that went on in that period.”

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The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Diane Goulding (Games Maker): “It highlighted everything that’s great about Great Britian. Not only did it show our quirkiness to the world, and our wonderful sense of humour, it brought everyone together and it created great memories that we can have for ever.”

Boyd Hilton: “It’s the bookies’ favourite, it was the most watched show of the year by far… It did galvanise the nation, so I think it stands a really good chance.”

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