Steve Coogan talks strippers and gold in a new clip from The Look of Love

See Coogan in character as Paul Raymond instructing a troupe of strippers in this clip from Michael Winterbottom's big screen biopic

The working day’s nearing its end, so why not unwind with Steve Coogan, a bevy of gold-painted dancing girls and this new clip from The Look of Love?


Despite the fact that Coogan plays the infamous Soho porn king Paul Raymond in Michael Winterbottom’s soon-to-be-released big screen biopic, some of the dialogue in this clip is pure Alan Partridge.

“The fact is, Midas has turned you to gold,” says Coogan, instructing his troupe of strippers. “Don’t worry about the logic of that – you’re not gold ingots; you’re beautiful women, and the gold doesn’t impede your movements. Very fluid! Excellent.”

The Look of Love, which charts Raymond’s career from travelling showman to real estate developer and porn publisher, co-stars stars Anna Friel, Imogen Poots and Tasmin Egerton as the women in Raymond’s life.

Talking about The Look of Love, Coogan promised that audiences can expect laughs and sauce aplenty from the biopic. He said: “It’s a very British story about an eccentric character at the centre of pivotal events in British culture.

“I love the film. It has that strange combination of comedy and tragedy that Michael Winterbottom manages to pull off with a real deftness of touch. Like very few films these days it’s actually about something without being portentous. Oh and there’s lots of naked ladies in it too!”


The Look of Love will be released in British cinemas on Friday 26 April. See a collection of photos from the movie here and its trailer here.