Which Mad Men character are you?

Are you Peggy, Joan, Pete or Don? Take our highly scientific personality test and find out...


To celebrate the return of Mad Men to our screens this Wednesday, RadioTimes.com has devised a highly scientific, foolproof personality test to determine whether you’re more Peggy Olsson or, the man himself, Don Draper.


1. Someone’s trying to steal your thunder in the office. Do you…

a) Burst into your boss’ office to tell tales on the imposter?
b) Issue a withering put down, sleek off into the sunset?
c) Dig up something incriminating on your rival. Blackmail them?
d) Drink a whiskey?

2. You’re passed over for a promotion. What do you do?

a) Cancel dinner with the boyfriend, you must work harder and longer.
b) Buy a new dress.
c) Arrange five conspiratorial meetings with rival firms immediately.
d) Drink a whiskey.

3. Somebody makes a pass at you in the office. Do you…

a) Resist politely, but firmly. Mutter something about dignity and honour.
b) Make a decision based on whether the proposal will benefit you financially.
c) Go through with it. Then lock yourself in your office, curtains drawn and wallow in self-loathing for the rest of the day.
d) Do you even have to ask?

4. You’re at a party and the band starts up with a toe-tapping beat. What do you do?

a) Shuffle around the periphery. Do not make eye contact with anyone.
b) Sit this one out with a martini. You’re more of a waltzer.
c) Make a beeline for centre stage. Now, jive!
d) Sneer disdainfully at the idiots. Drink a whiskey.

5. Your diary at work is stacked but you’re desperate for some time off, do you…

a) Get your outstanding work done. Prepare a water tight case as to why you deserve leave.
b) Switch some shifts, flash those pearley whites and hot foot it out of there.
c) Are you kidding? If I take a day off somebody might steal my new recliner chair.
d) Get your coat, dear. We’re going to Hawaii. 


You’re… Peggy
No booze-fuelled, fast lane for you. You’re all about playing by the rules to climb the ladder – let’s just hope some conniving offical rival hasn’t already severed the next rung in sabotage.


You’re… Joan
Dutiful, respectable and, above all, statesman-like. No matter what happens you never lose your cool, decorum or, god forbid, make a public display of emotion.


You’re… Pete
You’re pretty much the lowest form of office pond scum – willing do to whatever to whoever to get you where you want. You’ve got a wildly jealous streak, but it can be known to help you get results.


You’re… Don
An alcohol-dependant, libertarian sort. The whiskey flows free and the world runs by your watch. We’re all going to die alone, but you’re going to do in style.

Mad Men starts on Wednesday at 10:00pm on Sky Atlantic.


What is it that makes the idea of becoming one of these Mad Men quite so magnetic?