Margaret Thatcher death: the newspaper front pages

See how Britain's daily newspapers reacted to the death of the country's first female Prime Minister


There’s only one story on the front pages of Britain’s daily newspapers today: the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who passed away yesterday after suffering a stroke aged 87.


Mrs Thatcher’s death sent Twitter into meltdown on Monday lunchtime and had Fleet Street’s editors clearing acres of space in today’s publications to discuss her life and legacy.

Coverage was split between glowing tributes in the right-leaning titles to scepticism and even derision from some of those on the left. While the Daily Mail described her as “the woman who saved Britain,” the Socialist Worker went so far as to produce a front page featuring a bloodied gravestone and the headline “Rejoice!”

Here’s how Britain’s national news organs elected to cover the demise of a figure who was loved and disliked in equal measure – but who will never be forgotten.