Channel 4 Margaret Thatcher documentary calls former Prime Minister “a working class revolutionary”

Martin Durkin's film Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary will air this Saturday


 “A radical film about a radical woman” is the strapline for Channel 4’s upcoming film about Margaret Thatcher, from controversial documentary maker Martin Durkin.


A new addition to the broadcaster’s Saturday schedule, the film will put forward the view that the former Prime Minister was “a working class revolutionary” who believed “capitalism was in the interests of ordinary people, not the toffs”.  

“That is why the left hated her so much” continues the synopsis, “Margaret Thatcher stole the working class.”

The 90-minute film promises interviews with the Prime Minister herself, and former colleagues including Norman Tebbit, Nigel Lawson, Cecil Parkinson, Neil Kinnock and Bernard Ingham.

Durkin’s previous work includes a number of anti-environmentalist documentaries, as well as Channel 4’s Equinox film Storm in a D-Cup, which disputed the dangers of silicon breast implants.


Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary airs at 7pm on Saturday 13 April following a shortened Channel 4 news, and in place of Grand Designs.