Benedict Cumberbatch blows up the Gherkin in new Star Trek Into Darkness poster

The Sherlock star is pictured as villain John Harrison amid a devastated London in the latest promo for the sci-fi movie sequel

Benedict Cumberbatch, playing villanious force of terror John Harrison, takes centre stage in the new poster for Star Trek Into Darkness.


With the London skyline behind him and his dark trench coat blowing in the breeze, you’d be forgiven for being reminded of a similar publicity shot for Sherlock… But, this time, London is all but destroyed (even the iconic Gherkin is on fire) and Cumberbatch is not on the side of the angels…

Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve and Simon Pegg also star in the film, which sees Captain Kirk and the Enterprise embark on a mission to capture Harrison following his terrorist attacks.

Watch a trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness:


Star Trek Into Darkness is in UK cinemas from 9 May