Made in Chelsea: Spencer Matthews on Millie, Louise, Francis, Caggie and the “savage” new series

"Louise and I have patched things up. I actually had a bit of a meltdown and that's the first time that's ever happened to me"

Made in Chelsea lothario Spencer Matthews finished the last series with a crying girlfriend and a stinging left cheek following a sensational slap from cast member Millie Macintosh after revelations he had cheated on his lady, Louise. Now the greasy-haired puggy one is back for a brand new series of the Sloaney reality show and, be warned, he’s not holding back. We caught up with city slicker Mr Matthews to chat about the perils of being “in a relationship”, his new clothing line (yes, really), and that slap…


Bonjour Mr Matthews. Ça va? Nice to see your cheek’s no longer à la rouge. After such a dramatic finale last Christmas, what can we expect from series five of Made In Chelsea?

Lots of arguments and a lot of drama. This season is really dark. It’s a lot deeper, a lot more cutting and very honest. 

It sounds like MIC is morphing into a gritty Scandi drama…

We’ve almost spent too much time together now. Some people you wouldn’t ordinarily see, you have to see a lot of and it’s become a bit of a tangle. For drama it’s excellent – I honestly think this series will be by miles the best we’ve done. There’s never a dull moment. 

It’s certainly come a long way from all those awkward silences! You were at the centre of a fair bit of drama last year – can we look forward to more of the same this time around?

I’m extremely frank in this series. There’s no more tiptoeing about. Because it’s a production, everyone is a little bit wary of what they say on camera as it’s going out to millions of people in several countries. So there’s always something in the back of people’s minds that says, “Pump the brakes a bit!” That’s just gone for me. I don’t care, I’m just saying whatever. I’ve completely forgotten the cameras and production are there, with a lot of regret at times. 

Surely that’s going to get awfully uncomfortable when you all sit down together for screenings…

I won’t be sitting anywhere near Millie and Francis! There will be moments when no one will laugh in the room because you know they’re there – you’ll say something absolutely horrific about someone and there’s silence because you know they’re sitting right behind you! It’ll be really quite savage this series but in a good way – I think that’s more interesting. Long gone are the days of reeling around London in kilts laughing!

Speaking of savage, have you and Millie kissed and made up?

No and we’re not going to either. I’m not a big Millie fan, to be honest. She’s not someone I care about – we used to be very close friends but this show has changed her. I have nothing nice to say about her so I’m not going to bother. I’m sure she’s lovely deep down and we’ve been really close friends in the past but she’s just a bit weird. She’s constantly down and – I don’t want to be the person that’s bitching about other people in the show, that’s a bit boring – but it’s no secret that Millie and I don’t really get on. 

But you’ve managed to patch things up with Louise..?

We have patched things up. I actually had a bit of a meltdown and that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me. Obviously it wasn’t a great way to have to let her know that I’d been unfaithful. It was a massive mistake. 

Did you really think you could keep it a secret, being on a reality TV show an’ all? 

Well, it’s not ideal, is it? I guess I did at the time. I’m not making excuses, but I hadn’t drunk in five or six weeks. Then I went out with that troll Jamie and I was absolutely plastered. But having said that, I’m glad the truth’s out. It makes for more of an honest relationship, even if my intention was to keep it quiet. I didn’t want to lose her, I didn’t want to hurt her. I knew it would be a horrible thing for her to hear and it was a mistake of mine so I thought I would swallow the guilt and get on with it without hurting or involving anyone else. But, you know, in retrospect, one should always tell the truth. 

Valuable life lessons from Mr Spencer Matthews. What about Caggie – do you still keep in touch with her?

Caggie wrote me the most beautiful email but I’m making her wait. Not replying yet – playing it cool… I might leave it one week for every year that she made me wait. She’s in Australia and she’s very happy it seems. I miss her, she’s a very close friend. Back in the day she was the love of my life so she’s very special to me as a person. Obviously being with Louise now we don’t keep in very regular touch, but it would be nice to hear more from her. She’s almost more like a sister to me now. 

Caggie and Louise have both turned their hand to fashion designing – and now you’re doing the same. Are you hoping to become the next Marc Jacobs?

Well, I’m not particularly fashionable as most people can tell. is very basic and comfortable: T-shirts, hoodies, flat caps, caps… I personally love coming home, getting into really comfy kit and watching a movie. It’s not something I’ve put my heart and soul into, to be completely honest.

Have you been pouring your heart and soul into your new book Confessions of a Lady Thriller instead? 

The cast are having to be very nice to me at the moment because I’m about to reveal all…

Does it ever frustrate you when people accuse the show of being fake?

Not really. Obviously everyone who watches it is going to have an opinion. If people think it’s fake, then they think it’s fake – I’m not going to go out of my way to persuade them otherwise. It is real – there’s genuine love, genuine hate and genuine friendships. They’re not exploited, but they’re laid out on screen for everyone to see. Obviously they’ve picked a group of people who aren’t particularly private. Anyone who wants a really private life shouldn’t do what we do. 

So finally, for a Made In Chelsea newcomer, why should they watch the show? 

It’s a very real, very true dynamic of a certain type of person and it’s a real insight into people’s lives. It’s really watchable now. The show used to be a bit slow, a bit whatever, and now I really like it and look forward to the series coming out. From someone who is so involved in it to be looking forward to it so much, if you’ve never seen it I really advise you to watch it.


Series five of Made In Chelsea begins tonight at 10:00pm on E4