Mad Men series six return – what US critics and Twitter are saying

A spoiler-free round-up of reviews from across the Pond as AMC's stylish period drama resumes with a feature-length episode, The Doorway

Series six of Mad Men got under way last night in the States with a two-hour long season opener entitled The Doorway, kicking off in Hawaii and reuniting all the show’s principle cast.


With the series not starting over here until Wednesday evening (10:00pm, Sky Atlantic), it would be rude to give away plot details, but fans of the show will doubtless be intrigued to learn that its return received a rather mixed reaction from critics and celebs across the Pond.

So to give you an idea of what to expect when Mad Men hits British screens later this week, here’s what the reviewers, and some celebrity Twitter users, had to say about The Doorway…

Sarene Leeds, Rolling Stone: “Creator Matthew Weiner’s deftness at drawing out the suspense borders on the sadistic at times, but it’s all for the sake of outstanding television, which he achieves brilliantly in the AMC drama’s sixth season premiere.”

Lesley Savage, CBS: “The first episodes of new seasons are always used to catch us up on where everyone is. So as a result, they are often slow and potentially boring, which at times I found this episode to be, but it certainly laid a solid foundation for what is sure to be a fantastic and revealing season, and if The Doorway proved anything, it’s that we’re not exiting anytime soon.”

Frazier More, Associated Press: “The two-hour opener was, simply put, a disappointment — even annoying — for how much it demanded from the viewer and how little it offered in return.”

Erik Pedersen, E! Online: “The episode references sex, death, swearing, vomiting, gastric distress, public restroom sex, drunkenness, pot smoking, infidelity and family vacation photos. And Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) has some killer sideburns developing. Welcome back, Mad Men!”

Maureen Ryan, Huffington Post:”Mad Men is still a Rorschach test of sorts; the fact that we can all find different meanings inside each episode’s ambiguities is one of the reasons we love it. But the important thing is that the show is still changing — it’s not standing still or resting on its laurels.”

Eric Goldman, IGN: “Mad Men returned with another two-hour premiere, though ultimately, maybe that was unneeded. I love these characters and it’s great to see them again, but “The Doorway” felt a bit overlong and unfocused for much of it.”

On Twitter

Conan O’Brien (talk show host): “It’s hard to transition from The Walking Dead to Mad Men in one week. AMC could help by having Don Draper wear an eye patch.” 

Chip Pope (comedian): “Mad Men has jumped the shark. New York never had a HawaiiTown! ‪#inaccurate” 

Nancy Allen (actress): “I guess it’s just me. What’s happened to ‪#MadMen? What a mess!” 

Justin Stangel (Late Show with David Letterman executive producer): “In honor of the new season of Mad Men, I smoked a cigarette, drank a martini, and slapped my wife!” 

Rob Delaney (comedian): “MAD MEN? More like I’ll be ‘SAD WHEN’ this award winning series comes to an end!”

Jon Ralston (NBC news anchor): “So I’ve seen the first 15 minutes of Mad Men, and it has the same actors, but what is this show they are all in now? Tell me it improves.”

Keith Olbermann (political commentator): “Next week on ‪#Madmen : Coming attractions featuring one syllable per character”

Richard Roeper (film critic): “[Ryan] Seacrest Tweeting about some Kim/Kourtney show the night Mad Men returns reminds me of Albert Brooks’ take on the devil in Broadcast News. “


Michelle Branch (singer/songwriter): “I think I figured out why I couldn’t sleep last night. It was all the excitement over Jon Hamm being back on TV tonight. Hehe. Yay! ‪#MadMen”