Coronation Street spoilers: newcomer Sinead catches Chesney’s eye – Sam Aston reveals all

“They get on so well, although maybe in his head he’s comparing her to Katy,” says the actor

Following his recent split from Katy, Chesney will next week realise he’s at a crossroads. The big question: should he reconcile with his ex or keep her in his past?


In the end, it’s Fiz who forces the issue when she sets up a dinner for Ches and Katy at the café. Yet despite Katy breaking the news that she has quit her job at the kebab shop in order to concentrate on her family, the meeting only strengthens Chesney’s feelings that he won’t ever be able to forget his former girlfriend’s infidelity with Ryan.

So as Chesney attempts to put the Katy behind him, he decides to move on with his life and turns his attention to Beth’s niece Sinead (played by Corrie newcomer and Waterloo Road actress Katie McGlynn):

“They get on so well, although maybe in his head he’s comparing her to Katy,” admits Sam Aston, who plays Chesney. “I think he sees her as a distraction from everything going on in his life, although he does quickly realise that Sinead’s a nice girl.”

But is there a part of Chesney that wants to hurt Katy for what she’s done to him? After all, he doesn’t seem too troubled when Katy sees him and Sinead out together at the Bistro. “Yes, I’d say so. In his eyes, he’s not doing anything wrong and, at the end of the day, Katy started all of this. But I think he probably wants her to feel a little of the pain he’s been going through.”

And what is Katy’s reaction when she sees Chesney with a new woman? “She’s not pleased at all. She says to Chesney that if he wanted to get back at her and make her jealous then he has succeeded. Chesney is quite cruel really. He purposely gets a picture taken with Sinead knowing full well that Katy is watching. Chesney then looks over at Katy as if to say that two can play at her game. When she storms out though, Chesney does start to feel guilty.”


Is there the feeling then that he might not yet be ready for fresh romance coming so soon after that traumatic bust-up with Katy? “In his head, he probably thinks that it would be best to move on, but he’s not there yet. He’s too caught up with Katy and he’s certainly nowhere near being over her yet. It’s heart-wrenching enough for him just seeing her in the street. He goes on the defensive whenever she’s around. Plus he’s starting to be quite sly and malicious and he’s snappy with the people around him who are trying to help. That’s not who Chesney is.”