Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

8-12 April: Robbo comes to town, Andrew takes a risk with other people's money, while Paul sabotages Sophie's plans to move to Sydney

Monday 8 April


Bailey’s worried when Mason tracks down Robbo’s new phone number. He’s convinced Robbo is serious trouble and begs Mason not to give away their new address. Mason doesn’t share Bailey’s concern; he reckons Robo’s a mate and feels he has the situation under control.  Mason, thinking Robbo is still in Mt.Isa, contacts him and they have a seemingly friendly chat. However, when Robbo hangs up we discover he’s already in Erinsborough. Why hasn’t he told Mason? Are the boys in trouble? 

Brian’s indecent proposal rocks Priya. She has no idea what to do or who to turn to.  However, when Rani mentions that Brian often fights with his wife and is known to sleep in a separate room, Priya realises she’s not the only victim.  On an instinct, she phones his wife and is surprised when she doesn’t even bother defending her husband. She shares this information with Susan, and both women conclude Brian must have done something similar before – nothing else explains the wife’s behaviour. Susan vows to use her journalistic skills to bring him down. However, when no one will talk on the record, Susan is forced to bluff Brian that she has evidence.  Will the gamble pay off? 

Andrew is keen to impress his dad and be an important part of the Lassiters’ development.  He is thrilled to make a sale in his first week, selling a studio to Sheila, despite knowing she’s putting her life savings into the purchase. Paul is proud of his son but shocks Andrew when he casually mentions they don’t have council approval for the development.  Andrew’s told everyone they have it and feels bad about lying but Paul urges him to grow up and accept that business isn’t always clear cut.  Has Andrew been won over? 

Tuesday 9 April

Mason meets up with Robbo who claims to have flown in from Mt. Isa today. He assures Mason there’s no hurry about repaying the money. Mason warns him Matt’s the local cop, and we learn it was Matt who arrested Mason for the robbery. Later, when Mason tells Bailey that Robbo’s in town, Bailey’s genuinely worried. According to Bailey, Robbo shot through from the scene of the robbery and failed to warn Mason the alarm had been tripped. Not only that, but he dumped the money into the car Bailey was driving, presumably in order to set Bailey and Mason up. Mason disputes this version and insists Robbo is a mate. However we see Mason does have concerns about Robbo when he gets himself a second job at Lassiters in order to start paying Robbo back, hoping he’ll go back to Mt. Isa.  Robbo though has no intentions of going anywhere. 

Lou reports to Matt on Lucas’s positive job assessment of Mason, and on Mason getting himself the waitering job at Lassiters. It’s a relief for Matt – Mason getting his act together is the first sign the family may be settling down again. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Amber has a secret romantic rendezvous – with Robbo! 

Andrew admits to Tash the new development doesn’t have council approval, and how Sheila could lose her deposit. When Tash insists he tell Sheila, he tries to convince Sheila to reconsider. He can’t however bring himself to tell her about the approval problem. Thinking he’s trying to pull a swifty, Sheila flatly refuses to consider pulling out. Tash tells him again he has to warn people, but he can’t do it. Paul’s told him the approval will be okay – if he tells people otherwise, it’ll look like he doesn’t trust Paul. He can’t do that. But he’s unsettled by the knowledge that they’re taking a big risk with other people’s money. 

When Rhys throws away an unopened hand-addressed letter from his father, Kyle offers to lend an ear if he wants to talk about it but Rhys is firm – he doesn’t. Certain Rhys is making a mistake, Sheila reads the letter. Sure enough, a contrite Eddie is reaching out to Rhys. Rhys however is furious at the invasion of his privacy, and shuts both Sheila and Kyle down, telling them to butt out of his business. But when we find him flicking though some old photos of Eddie, we’re left wondering how strong his resolve against Eddie really is.

Wednesday 10 April

Amber and Robbo rekindle their secret romance, but while Amber wants to go public, Robbo is keen to keep the truth from her parents – and from Mason. Amber agrees to keep it quiet for now, but confides in Kate, who encourages her to come clean with her parents. Amber won’t, and puts Kate in an awkward position by asking her to keep her secret. Mason, meanwhile, takes a second job as a waiter in an effort to pay Robbo back, hoping that with the debt settled, Robbo will leave town. But it seems Robbo is in no hurry to leave. Bailey worries about Robbo’s motivation to stay, believing Robbo purposefully set Mason up during the robbery. He confronts Robbo, who admits he thinks the brothers still have his money and are doling it out. Robbo assures Bailey he’s not leaving without every cent owed to him. 

Worried about his track record, Toadie’s convinced the bucks party will go badly. Sonya insists he go and enjoy himself, and reluctantly, he does. Sonya, meanwhile, is surprised by an impromptu hens night, which the girls organised for her. At the bucks party, Toadie admits he can’t wait to get married and finally embraces the night, allowing the guys to drag him away to the party bus Kyle’s organised. But he’s shocked to wake up the next morning with a large, conspicuous tattoo of a turtle on his leg. 

Escaping the bucks festivities early, Scotty visits Chris who is alone in the house. He invites himself in, seemingly for pizza and beers, and Chris, still feeling as though he misinterpreted Scotty’s actions at Camp Out, goes along with it. But Chris is confronted when Scotty makes an unambiguous pass at him. He calls Scotty on it but Scotty can’t see the harm – at least, not if they keep it between themselves. Chris tells him to leave and tells Kyle what happened the next morning. Kyle is horrified, but ultimately, he and Chris decide to tell Georgia… only to discover that Scotty’s proposed.

Thursday 11 April

Chris and Kyle are still reeling after learning about Scotty and Georgia’s engagement. Neither of them wants to be the one  to break the news to Georgia that Scotty hit on Chris the same night he proposed to her. Kyle has to work with Scotty, and can’t resist letting him know he’s onto him. As a result, Scotty pays Chris a visit, assuring him Georgia won’t believe his story and insisting he keep his mouth shut. Scotty then lies to Georgia, telling her Kyle is being hard on him at work, leading Georgia to believe Kyle’s acting out due to jealousy. She tells Kyle in no uncertain terms to butt out – she’s happy with Scotty and she’s marrying him whether he likes it or not. Kyle and Chris agree that Georgia’s not going to accept the truth right now, and decide they’d be better off waiting until after Toadie and Sonya’s wedding before telling her, hoping that in the meantime, Scotty will come clean. 

Meanwhile Toadie has woken up after his buck’s party to find he now has a large tattoo of a turtle on his leg. He tries to find out who is responsible, but ultimately has to accept that he’s stuck with the tattoo. Sonya puts a positive spin on it – with wedding invitation disaster, Toadie’s back injury and now the tattoo, they’ve had three things go wrong and should now be in the clear. Bring on the wedding.                     

After Rhys ignored his letter, Eddie (Rhys’s father) calls. He’ll be in Melbourne for one day in a couple weeks time – will Rhys and Elaine see him? Elaine refuses – there’s no way she wants to see the man who ruined their lives. Seeing that Rhys is struggling with the decision, Elaine gives him a stack of letters from a younger Rhys to Eddie – letters she never posted. She insists he read them and remember all the things he wanted to share with his dad and never could, before deciding whether to give Eddie a second chance. What will he decide? 

Rani discovers that Sophie is dreaming of applying for the NSW Conservatorium of Music. But Sophie worries about letting Paul down, knowing he’s gone to a great deal of trouble to design and plan a dream home in which they will live, along with Kate. Rani convinces her to fight for what she wants, and Sophie does, only to be surprised by Paul’s apparent support. But it’s all a front, and Paul finds a way to sabotage Sophie’s dream in order to keep his own alive.

Friday 12 April

Amber freaks out when she finds it’s morning and she’s still with Robbo in his panel van. Feeling guilty about hiding him from her family, Amber wants to tell them about their relationship but Robbo convinces her to wait until he’s got a job and can make a good impression. Knowing Amber’s smitten with her boyfriend, Kate uncomfortably finds herself omitting information when worried Lauren asks after her daughter. Trying to take some responsibility for keeping Amber’s secret, Kate makes sure Amber is at least being safe, and is relieved to learn she plans to tell her parents soon. But Amber can’t resist ditching tutoring yet again to meet with Robbo… 

Matt investigates a spate of burglaries in Erinsborough, unaware that the perpetrator is Robbo. Bailey’s quicker to put the pieces together, informing Mason, who doesn’t want to believe that Robbo’s responsible. But despite reassuring his brother, Mason is worried. He arranges a meeting with Robbo… only to discover he’s seeing his sister. 

Andrew’s troubled when the council doesn’t give final approval to the Lassiters refurbishment and Paul continues to plough ahead. Tash insists Andrew needs to at least be honest with Sheila and he reluctantly agrees. However, before he can talk to her, Sheila reveals she’s learnt the truth herself and demands her deposit back. Her disapproval spurs Andrew to raise his concerns with Paul, only for him to be shut down once again. 


Sophie assumes she’s a shoo-in for the NSW Music Conservatorium until she gets a rejection email. Off Tash’s encouragement, she discovers Paul is responsible, and she’s hurt and angry.