Want to watch new films at home? Now you can – and it’ll only cost $35,000…

A new super-expensive digital device will allow wealthy movie fans to licence new titles over the internet


If you can’t be bothered to drag yourself along to the cinema these days, and you’ve got a spare few thousand dollars in your back pocket, you’ll be chuffed to learn that you can now purchase a device which will allow you to watch new movies in the comfort of your own home.


An outfit called Prima Cinema is offering wealthy film fans the chance to purchase a super-expensive digital box (RRP: $35,000), which will allow punters to take delivery of new films over the internet for $500 per title.

The venture is being backed by Universal Pictures, which is so far the only Hollywood studio to make its films available to the service, with initial releases including Jurassic Park 3D, Les Miserables, Identity Thief and Admission.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a number of Tinseltown stars including Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane are enthusiastic early adopters of the new technology.

Prima’s CEO Jason Pang described the new service as “what private jets are to aviation” and said: “This is not Netflix, this is an event.”

The technology comes complete with digital security measures to prevent piracy, including a remote biometric fingerprint reader that prevents anyone other than the subscriber accessing the box, and Prima’s inspectors visit the homes of those who sign up to ensure that their home cinemas can’t be turned into commercial operations.


While it’s doubtful that the new technology will appeal to the man in the street (or, indeed, on the torrent site), it’s still an intriguing development that demonstrates the ways in which Hollywood studios are attempting to claw in revenue by any means necessary.